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Grade 2

Grade 2:
Mrs. Susan Bergan


Welcome to the second grade family webpage!

Second Grade News:

The students are working hard and learning new things everyday!

We just finished two special projects:

Second grade has been exposed to STEAM!! We did a science experiment which consisted of melting crayons. The objective of this experiment was to make a hypothesis of which color crayon would melt first and why.

After we completed the experiment, we watched some videos and discussed why specific crayons actually melted first. We learned that this had everything to do with thier color. Ask your son/daughter to explain this project to you. Everyone had a great time thinking, doing and finding out the results.

Our other special project was to make the ‘Eucharist’ in preparation for our First Holy Communion on May 5, 2018. All the students took turns rolling the dough, cutting out the Eucharist  and tasting them after they were baked.


In Social Studies the students are working on a research projects. Currently they are working on identifying and researching data about people who have made significant contributions to America.  Our next project will involve our Founding Fathers.

The students are embarking on a new work/study skill – independent work!

Please refer to the weekly homework sheet for daily homework assignments.

Make it a wonderful day; everyday!! 

433 Pershing Boulevard • Whitehall, PA 18052