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Grade 5

Ms. Janine Sponsel,  grade5@sercc.org

Thank you for visiting grade 5!

Here is what we are working on in 5th grade:

Religion: Jesus Christ Shares His Life with Us – Jesus Shares God’s Life with Us – Jesus Shares His Mission with the Church – The Church Celebrates Seven Sacraments – New Life in Christ – The Celebration of Baptism

Math: Place Value, Decimals, Fractions

Reading: Skills – Story Structure, Theme, Compare and Contrast, Sequence of Events

Strategy – Summarize, Question, Infer/Predict, Monitor/Clarify, Visualize

Vocabulary: Each week we focus on a list of 12 words to increase our knowledge of words.

Spelling: Each week we focus on a list of 25 words that have a common vowel sound or spelling pattern.

English: Parts of Speech – We are currently working on NOUNS!

Social Studies: Americans and Our Environment – Life in the United States, Geography of the United States, Early Peoples of the Western Hemisphere, Native Americans of North America, Life in the Eastern Hemisphere

Science: Properties of Matter

Homework and Test Alerts are sent home daily via “Class Tag” and are posted on “Option C”.

Daily Homework: Read for 15-20 minutes and Play First in Math



433 Pershing Boulevard • Whitehall, PA 18052