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P.R.E.P. – Parish Religious Education Program

St. Elizabeth welcomes you and your family to our P.R.E.P. catechesis where we instruct our children in the beliefs, teachings, practices and traditions of the Roman Catholic faith.

We welcome children from the parish in grades Kindergarten through 8th.

Classes are held on Mondays from 6:00 – 7:30 PM in the St. Elizabeth Regional School classrooms from September to April.  We welcome parents and family members to serve as assistant catechists and volunteers in the program.  Please call the parish office 610-266-0695 ext 208 for more information, or contact our Director of Religious Education directly at dirreled@sercc.org.

PREP - (CCD) January Newsletter 2018

Summer Newsletter 2017

618 Fullerton Avenue • Whitehall, PA 18052
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