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Support Ministries

Altar Guild

Small groups of two to six people who clean the Church each month. Duties include dusting, vacuuming and general cleaning of the floors, pews, foyer, restrooms and cry room. Members of the Altar Guild also wash and iron the Church altar linens on an occasional basis. Times for cleaning vary with the teams, but usually the cleaning only takes an hour or two for a small group. You can join an established group or set up your own team.  Many hands make light work.


Clerical Help

Aid with the weekly bulletin folding and the occasional mass mailings for the Church.


Office Volunteer

Spend a morning or afternoon each week in the Parish office answering the phone and the door. There is a myriad of additional activities including filing, typing, making phone calls etc. that may be requested of you.

Gardening Ministry

The Gardening Ministry meets monthly to maintain and beautify the Church grounds.  The dedicated volunteers care for our flowers, gardens and grotto throughout the year. Extra help is always appreciated for the fall and spring clean-up.


Ground Crew

A small group of individuals who meet quarterly and inspect the property and building for anything that needs attention or repairs. The Ground Crew will use their expertise to identify and correct any small problems that could grow into major concerns for the Church.


Weekend Counters

Fundraising Ministry

Finance Committee

Parish Council




618 Fullerton Avenue • Whitehall, PA 18052
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