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Faith Activities


Daily Rosary

The rosary is said every weekday before the morning Mass.

Eucharistic Adoration

Adoration takes place an hour before the 9 am Mass each Monday and before the 7:00 pm Thursday evening Mass.. Please consult the bulletin for holidays.

Bible Study

Bible study is held Wednesday mornings in the Church meeting room. This year we will be continuing the Great Adventure Bible Study with a review of Genesis and Exodus.

Scripture/Prayer Group

Gather together with a small group to deepen your spiritual life through scripture and prayer.

Forty Hours

In honor or our patron saint, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, the month of November has long since been a special time for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at our Church. Please join us during these 40 hours for devotion and prayer both as a group and in private contemplation.

Chaplet of Divine Mercy

First Friday of every month.

Our Lady Undoer of Knots - Novena

Those praying the novena meet every Tuesday after the 9 am Mass.

Parish Retreat

Join your fellow parishioners for a day of prayer and reflection, deepen your faith, and experience the love of Jesus. Our retreat days are advertised in the bulletin.

Common Prayers of the Catholic Church


Lent and Easter Schedule


Advent and Christmas Schedule


RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

The process of becoming a Roman Catholic for non-Catholic adults is called RCIA. If you wish to learn more about our Catholic faith and discern if this is the path for you, you are welcome to join our RCIA program.

RCIA is also the process by which baptized adults who have not received the sacraments of Holy Communion and/or Confirmation study and prepare for these sacraments.

RCIA begins in September on Tuesday evenings and comes to a completion with the reception of the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation during the Easter Vigil. For more information, please contact Mrs. Mary Spieker.




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