Steak Sandwich Sale

St. Elizabeth Parish is sponsoring our famous Steak Sandwich Meal on Saturday, February 17th.  Steaks are $12.50 each, and Cheese Steaks are $13.50 each.  This includes sauce, onions, pickles, and hot peppers – all on the side, along with a bag of chips.  Orders are due by February 12th.  Pick-up is in St. Elizabeth Parish Hall, 435 Pershing Boulevard, Whitehall, from 4 – 5:30 pm. For more information or to place an order, stop by the parish office or see our parish website or Facebook for the order form. You can also contact Joan at 610-349-7791 or send an email to  Orders can be dropped off at the parish office or, placed in the weekend collection basket or mailed to Steak Sandwiches, St. Elizabeth Church, 618 Fullerton Ave., Whitehall, PA  18052.