Greeter Ministry

The ministry of hospitality is very important to our Liturgical Celebrations. We are called to be welcoming and helpful to all who enter our doors. It is our primary concern and duty to help those who have gathered in any way that we can, including making them feel at home. Ministers of Hospitality are the first to greet those gathering and the last ones to say goodbye to them after our worship together has concluded.

As Ministers of Hospitality, we are cheerful, patient, kind, understanding, and genuinely concerned for the welfare of those in our midst. We approach our ministry with reverence, humility, and a grateful heart. We are called to "be Christ" to everyone who enters the doors of our parish, and we are called to embrace them as Christ embraces each one of us, as we come to the table seeking the nourishment that only God can give.

Our time commitment is minimal, but the rewards are large. At our scheduled Mass, we just come a few minutes early and stay a few minutes longer, but we reap a bounty of blessings and fulfillment. We meet people and get to know parishioners by name, all while by being that friendly face welcoming all into our church.

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