Church History


Permission to establish a mission in Fullerton is requested by Rev. Msgr. Leo Fink, pastor of Sacred Heart Church, Allentown. (December 27, 1927)


Permission to establish a mission in Fullerton is granted. This mission will serve the 70 families who live in the Fullerton area. (January 1, 1928)

First parcel of property for the mission is purchased from George Boyle.  (January 3, 1928)

Construction of first church begins. (March 1928)

First Mass is celebrated at St. Elizabeth Church by Rev. Msgr. Leo Fink. (June 24, 1928)

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, patroness of hospitals and nursing, was chosen as the parish name  by Msgr. Leo Fink because of his interest in Sacred Heart Hospital. St. Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231) built a hospital where she dedicated herself entirely to serving the very sick. Constant in her devotion to God, Elizabeth’s strength was consumed by her charitable labors.


Permission is requested from the Archbishop to establish mission church as a parish with a resident pastor (September 22, 1930).  Unfortunately, permission is not granted.


Permission is requested from the Archbishop to establish mission church as a parish with a resident pastor. Unfortunately, the second try is not successful and permission is denied.


Permission is requested from the Archbishop to establish the mission church as a parish with a resident pastor. Third time is the charm.  Permission is granted.

Parish is established on Wednesday, November 19, 1941.  Cardinal Dougherty appointed Rev. John G. Engler as pastor of the newly established territorial parish of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Fullerton. (November 25, 1941)


Purchase of a tract of land adjacent to the church grounds from the Keppel Estate is completed.  It contains a house and garage which served as the rectory and social hall (Summer 1942).


By the end of World War II, Rev. Engler purchases another 15 lots on Pershing Boulevard which become the playground and parking lot.


Plans are complete and funds are raised for St. Elizabeth Parochial Grade School. (Spring/Summer 1952)


St. Elizabeth Parish holds a groundbreaking ceremony for the erection of the Parish Grade School (Sunday, January 11, 1953).

St. Elizabeth School formally opens with the Sisters of Mercy of Merion, Pennsylvania engaged as teachers and administrators. (September 1953)


After a fund raising campaign, the Parish All Purpose Hall is built. Upon its completion, the dedication takes place on Sunday, November 10, 1957.


Rev. John G. Engler celebrates the Silver Jubilee of his ordination to the priesthood on June 10, 1958.


St. Elizabeth Parish celebrates its 25th Anniversary.  Rev. Engler celebrates a Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving and Monsignor Leo Fink delivers the homily on November 20, 1966.


St. Elizabeth Parish says good-bye to Rev. Engler, the pastor for over 25 years on June 16, 1967.  He is reassigned to St. Fidelis Parish in Mahanoy City.

Rev. Frederick A. Winkler takes over as pastor on September 17, 1967.


St. Elizabeth Parish holds a kick-off dinner for construction of the new church on March 19, 1968.

Preliminary plans for the new church, offices and rectory are presented to the congregation in July 1968.

Groundbreaking for the new church complex takes place on Sunday, October 27, 1968.

1968 – 1971

Masses, weddings, May Processions, Forty Hours and other religious devotions and services are held in the all-purpose hall during the construction of the new church.

Folding chairs with kneelers on the back are set-up and taken down by the older school children as needed.  Parishioners recall attending services held on the stage with the basketball hoops above and the lunch tables recessed into the wall.


The church is completed and opened on Sunday, May 9, 1971 with a solemn mass which is celebrated by Bishop Joseph Mc Shea, Bishop of Allentown.


Following the departure of Rev. Frederick A. Winkler, St. Elizabeth Parish welcomes Rev. Thomas J. Birch as the new pastor on September 30, 1976.


A new Crying Room is added in the rear of the church.  The Chapel, which had been used as a Crying Room, is expanded.


A church cannot be dedicated until it is debt-free.  Our church becomes debt-free and is consecrated by Bishop Thomas J. Welsh, bishop of Allentown, on Monday, November 17, 1986.

Sadly, our Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Frederick A. Winkler passes away on December 11, 1986.


St. Elizabeth Golden Agers is organized on May 3, 1987.

Rev. Thomas J Birch takes on a new assignment as pastor of St. John the Baptist de LaSalle Church in Shillington.

St. Elizabeth welcomes the Rev. Msgr. Anthony D. Muntone as the new pastor on June 21, 1987.


St. Elizabeth Parish celebrates its 50th Anniversary. In preparation for this event, major renovations are made to the Church. These changes include a more permanent setting for the beautiful statue of the risen Christ, installing a new altar floor and moving the altar forward to emphasize our closeness to Christ in the Eucharist.

"The New Church Doors: After three years, at last our church is fully enclosed. The new doors depict the same things as the former clear glass doors.

The new doors on the Fullerton Ave. side depict two of the corporal works of mercy: To visit the imprisoned and To shelter the homeless. Above the doors are two more corporal works: To visit the sick and To bury the dead. To feed the hungry, To give drink to the thirsty, and To clothe the naked are shown in and above the doors in the Narthex on the Fullerton Ave. Side.

The new doors on the Pershing Blvd side depict two of the spiritual works of mercy: (scale and sword) To admonish the sinner and to comfort the sorrowful. Above the doors are two more spiritual works: To instruct the ignorant and To counsel the doubtful.

To bear wrongs patiently, To forgive all injuries and To pray for the living and the dead are shown on and above the doors in the Narthex on the Pershing Blvd. side. - excerpt from the Church bulletin

The Most Rev. Thomas J. Welsh, Bishop of Allentown, celebrates the Jubilee Mass on Sunday, November 24, 1991.


Parish offices are renovated and the second floor is added.


St. Elizabeth Regional School celebrates its 50th Anniversary with Sister Bonita Smith, RSM as principal.


Rev. Msgr. Anthony D. Muntone retires in June.

Rev. Edward J. Essig is assigned as the new pastor.


The parish institutes a new annual Parish festival with games, ethnic foods, music and entertainment. Dedicated volunteers from prior festivals held in the 1990's stepped up to help organize our new festival.


Rev. Edward J. Essig is assigned as pastor of St. Francis de Sales in Robesonia, PA.

St. Elizabeth welcomes Rev. John S. Pendzick as the new pastor.  He is installed on June 14, 2016.

Sr. Bonita Smith, R.S.M. retires as principal of St. Elizabeth Regional School.

Mrs. Linda Schiller accepts the position as principal of St. Elizabeth Regional School.

75 Year Logo

St.Elizabeth Parish celebrates its 75th Anniversary.  The Jubilee committee prepared a wonderful celebration Mass and event at the Holiday Inn, with the Bishop of Allentown, past and present pastors of St. Elizabeth, numerous priests of the Diocese and faithful parishioners (over four hundred individuals!) in attendance.


The Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Msgr. Anthony D. Muntone, passed away on May 30, 2018. His Mass of Christian Burial was held at the parish and officiated by Bishop Alfred Schlert on June 4th. Parishioners, family, and friends gathered to wish him a fond farewell.


The world has been hit with an unprecedented health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All Church activities were suspended. Masses were said virtually, and posted on line each morning for the faithful. When restrictions were lifted by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the Church was limited to 25% seating and later to 50%. The congregation was required to wear face masks, pews were roped off, and the Church was sanitized after each Mass to stop the spread of the COVID-Virus.

Mrs. Shiller retired as principal of the school. Mrs. Kimberly Kocher accepted the position of principal.


Saint Elizabeth and Saints Peter and Paul parishes were consolidated under the directive of Bishop Schlert. Parishioners from Saints Peter and Paul have been welcomed at daily and weekly Mass held at Saint Elizabeth Church. The Church of Saints Peter and Paul is now a worship center.

After a too short tenure, the Parish bids a fond goodbye to Rev. John Pendzick as he is reassigned as pastor of St. Thomas More. The parish welcomes back Rev. Stanley M. Moczydlowski as he returns as the new pastor of St. Elizabeth.