Along with the spiritual needs of the Church, St. Elizabeth is concerned with the physical well-being of its members. Accordingly, St. Elizabeth holds Low Impact Aerobics in the Summer and the Fall.  Join alone or with a friend for a fun night out where we dance (exercise!) to health.


Low Impact Aerobics are offered for 10 weeks in the fall and spring.  The cost is $25 per person for the entire 10 weeks.  We have 45 minutes of aerobic exercises followed by 15 additional minutes of toning and floor work exercises for all who wish to stay.  All that is needed is a bottle of water and a towel or mat for the floor work exercises. Feel free to bring light weights as well. Registration is required. Space is limited.


Beginner Low Impact Aerobics classes are offered for those who haven't exercised in awhile and want to ease back in. Each exercise session lasts 30 minutes and is only $15.00 per person for an 8 week-long course. This class will help you start the process of getting back to exercise while increasing your flexibility at a slower pace than the regular class.


For more information including the current schedule, please contact Mrs. Mary Spieker at 610-266-0695, ext 208 or email