Congratulations on the Baptism of your child! The following guidelines will help you embark upon your child’s journey of faith with Christ. Parents must be registered parishioners at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish.

If you wish to join St. Elizabeth of Hungary and make it your parish, call 610-266-0695 x103 or e-mail

Parish members who want to enroll for our parent baptism preparation class please call the parish office at 610-266-0695 x 103.

Baptism preparation class is open to Godparents as well.

Baptism Preparation Information

Registered parishioners will need a baptism preparation class prior to the Baptism. Baptism preparation class is open to Godparents as well. Parents must attend a baptism preparation class and submit the certificates of eligibility for their child's Godparents before setting a date for the Baptism.

Baptism Classes are held on the third Sunday of the month, after the 10:00 am Mass by appointment only. Parents with children under the age of six years should call the parish office 610-266-0695 x 103 to register for a Baptism. Parents with a child over six years should contact the Director of Religious Education 610-266-0695 x 208.

Godparent Eligibility (Click here)

Godparents must submit to Saint Elizabeth their Certificates of Eligibility from the church where they are registered, active parishioners before a date is set for the Baptism. If the Godparents are registered as active members of Saint Elizabeth they should contact the pastor to confirm their eligibility.

Baptism Ceremony

Baptism is held the first Sunday of the month directly after the Sunday 10:00 am Mass. Families are encouraged to attend the 10:00 am Mass. Baptismal team members will be available to help you.

Baptism for the Older Child

For children over six years of age please contact Mary Spieker, Director of Religious Education.


The suggested donation to the church covers the perpetual record keeping on your child's behalf. Each time your child receives a sacrament the church which confers the sacrament must send a record to the church of Baptism for your child's permanent record.

The current suggested donation is $50 per child.

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Prayer for an Expectant Mother

I pray you with love for this sweet hope that I hold in my womb;
I humbly thank you for choosing me as the instrument of your love. In this waiting, help me to live in continuous abandonment to your will;
grant me a pure, strong, generous heart. 

To you I offer the worries that already make me restless:
anxieties, fears, desires for the creature that I do not yet know. Let her be born healthy in the body, remove all physical harm from her
and every danger to the soul.

O Mary, you who know the ineffable joys of holy motherhood,
obtain for me a heart capable of transmitting a living and ardent faith,
sanctify my expectation, bless this happy hope of mine and my spouse.