Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Our Patron Saint

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

July 7, 1207 - November 17, 1231

St. Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary, was only twenty-four when she died. But what a beautiful life she had led!

Her father was a king. Her aunt was St. Hedwig. When Elizabeth was very young, she married Louis, a young noblemen, who soon became king. She was sweet to her husband and loved her children.

In the midst of this wealth and prestige of royalty, Elizabeth knew that queens must be very good to the poor and sick. So she took care of them in the palace. She nursed them in the hospitals. Her husband grew concerned. "That's no work for a queen." he said. One day she went to visit the poor. Her cloak was full of provisions. Her husband met her. "Are you carrying food like a servant?" he demanded. He pulled open her cloak. Out fell, not food, but lovely red and white roses. Her husband asked her forgiveness. He knew she was a saint!

Her husband died when she was still very young. The next king treated her very badly and threw her out of her palace. But, she trusted God, and God took her swiftly to His palace in Heaven.

Elizabeth is the patron saint of bakers, nursing homes, brides, and beggars. Her Feast is celebrated on November 17.